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How Can We Help You?

We will work with your dog's specific needs and behaviors. These training packages are great for all dogs. You may have identified specific behaviors you want to attain from your dog. Training with our staff is great for changing those unwanted behaviors that you may see in your dog. Below are just some of the behaviors and issues we can help with.

Puppy Training (Puppies under age 6 months)

Progressive Advancement (We have some training already)

Fear / Aggressive Behaviors - "Reactive" (barking, lunging, biting, hyper vigilant)

Separation Anxiety (Why are you leaving me?)

  • Potty training

  • Socializing and interacting with other dogs

  • Socializing with people/human interaction

  • Crate training (used when you need to leave the home and your dog stays, also used for bedtime)

  • Stop pulling and acting crazy on leash

  • Bite inhibition/learning to use bite control and not nipping at people

  • Basic commands such as sit, recall, down, stay, go to place/bed

  • Stop jumping at visitors

  • Your dog will advance with generalizing all behaviors using distance, duration, and distraction

  • Sit and stay until released

  • Walking in crowded areas

  • Come when called with distractions

  • Your Sitting on command from a distance

  • Learning to properly heal

  • Tricks

  • Fearful dogs

  • Dogs that have bitten other dogs and/or people

  • Working with your dog's tolerance for people and other dogs

  • Learn discipline at meal time concerning food and object guarding

  • Learn drop it and leave it commands

  • Learn proper leash control

  • Socialization of your dog with people and other dogs

Why are you leaving me?

  • Sometimes we just need to leave your dog(s) at home without them tearing up the house. Some dogs show anxiety when we leave the home and leave them alone. Dogs will sometimes eat pillows, chew the woodwork around the home, pee and poop inside the home, run frantic around the house, and maybe even non stop barking. Your dog may show other signs of anxiety.

What Pet Owners Say

"Kind and Patient"

"My puppy has the best manners thanks to Chris!  Chris is kind and patient and my dog gets so excited when he comes to our house.  His methods are quite simple and my dog doesn't even realize she is learning. Chris has a "never fail" reward system has given my dog great confidence and makes it easy for me to continue working on certain skills until his next visit."

Elaine T. of Blackstone, MA

"Highly Recommend"

"Highly recommend Chris! He is great and very professional. Chris helped us with an odd request of judging the demeanor/temperament of our German shepherd puppy. Safety is our #1 concern and with owning a shepherd you can never be to careful. Chris evaluated us and Merlin in a normal day to day scene.
While when approaching the house he may seem extremely protective and viscous he can attest that while his bark will put anyone on their toes, he is all bark and No bite! Or as Chris called him our gentle giant. Even when rough housing with Merlin he may show his teeth but never bites down. With a horror story of getting him way to early weeks wise from a breeder we are lucky to have such a great dog and having a trainer to back up that we have been doing everything correctly is a great piece of mind. I would highly recommend Chris to any and all dog owners!"

"Truly Amazing"

"Chris, You are truly amazing with your gift to save and train dogs! Thank you so much for teaching our new puppy all of the obedience he needed. Sit, Stay, Down, all that fun stuff. Also, thank you for training our old man Pitbull. He never had any training before this, his entire 7-year life. Your prices are also the best on the market. We shopped around first and you didn't over charge us. It was great meeting you and I can't wait for you to come back and further our training."

John T. of Franklin, MA

Stefhanie C. of Monson, MA

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